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Bara Lovers

For Fans of Manly Yaoi

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Welcome to baralovers! This is a community that shares graphic pictures and fanart of muscle men; we mainly post anime-bara, but the community is open to "real" men in pictures and video as well! Please, take a look around and enjoy what you see! Just remember these rules:

- Be polite and comment if you're not sharing! We don't need anymore lurkers/leechers, kthx.
- If you're posting explicit anime-bara, please put xxx content behind an LJ-Cut.
- If you're posting real pR0n, you have to LJ-Cut AND make the post Friends Only!

Origins of Bara terminology:

Bara is Japanese for "rose," and it is used to describe yaoi with muscley men. It provides a nice alternative for those who don't always find the scrawny, femenine boys in yaoi attractive. So if you're a fan of bara, then join!

If you're curious as to why bara is used to describe this type of yaoi, here's a bit of a history lesson. Barazoku (Japanese for "rose tribe") used to be a very popular gay-oriented magazine with news, short stories, and pictures. It was the first gay magazine to be widely released in Japan. Although it ceased publication in October 2004, the magazine was so popular, bara has come to mean "gay" in Japanese slang.