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Hi everyone I'm an italian boy and I want know much friends that love bara, yaoi anime or pictures!!
sorry but someone can explain to me as post a picture?

P.S. sorry for my creepy english

Hello Everyone

How is everyone doing today?
I was looking through my bara collection the other day, and I started to wonder which story was my favorite. They're all amazing and hot, but some connect with me more than others. But I'm not sure that i could pick a favorite.So I'd like to know which ones are your favorites.

Also, I'd like to throw in this link here.
You may or may not know about this site already, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Yes you have to sign up, but it's worth it. They have so much bara, I frequently go there.
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Here's a good site


A lot of Bara manga and quite a few games.

Speaking of games, does anyone have a guide, or even some kind of partial translation of the bara game Hunks Workshop?  You can download it at that site.  I'm trying to get all of the endings and the CG's that go along with them.